July 2018

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Exigo Hub is now live!

The new Exigo Hub is now available for on demand information, tutorial videos, and documentation. Our new tutorial video series, combined with enhanced content, will enable you to train your key personnel on your schedule.

Additional benefits the Exigo Hub will provide you:

  • All key training and resource documentation information is centralized and easily accessible!
  • All content on the Exigo Hub is public. You can share with your entire staff without needing a portal log in!
  • Ability to revisit specific topics on demand when you just need a refresher.

Our hope is that the Exigo Hub, and specifically our new tutorial videos combined with corresponding training documents, will save you time and money and make learning the Exigo Platform more convenient for you.

Check out our library of training videos for an easy and free way to learn and keep checking back as we plan to continue adding more and more!

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