April 2018

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Exigo Events, April – June 2018

  • DSA Companies in Focus Seminar

    April 16 – 17 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • THEJUICE DFW with Kate Gardener

    May 8th @ 6pm & May 9th @ 7am –
    Exigo is a Co-Sponsor of an industry event with more than 40 Direct Sales Executives and vendors who network and share ideas over an early morning breakfast and seminar.

  • DSA Annual Meeting 2018

    Sunday, June 17 – Tuesday, June 19 in San Diego, CA –
    Don’t miss the conversations that will help shape DSA’s work of protecting direct selling opportunity and creating a more supportive world for independent contractors and entrepreneurs!

Open vs Closed System

In a world where tomorrow’s technology is always here today, how can a CTO keep their company at a competitive advantage? How can one maintain a “Best in Class” level of service when an ROI is now more likely to stand for, I want to “Return Our Investment” back to the technology provider that is no longer relevant to our needs?

More than being open to the answer, an open system is the answer. It’s the most “honest” system because it allows you to define what you do as best in class, while allowing others to compete against each other for the solution they can provide to your company.

There are well established and new companies continually coming to market with investments of millions of dollars in improved customer service, shipping, payment and communication systems that have become the standard of excellence our customers and distributors expect.

A growing knowledge base and competition are the two most important factors that foster technological advancement. An honest platform gives a company, regardless of their size and expertise, access to both!

So, the real question is, are you operating on an operating system that is honestly open? Honestly allowing you to dynamically change at the time you need to make a change?

Let’s discuss!

Open systems by definition are not merely opposites of closed systems.

Does your current technology provider give you total freedom? Can you build whatever you want, whenever you want it? Can you integrate with other systems, and choose systems based on their features, and their pricing without incurring a significant cost in time and money from your technology provider?

In an open platform you should not be limited to or by your platform’s features, because with an open platform the features are ultimately up to you to customize. Open systems interoperate better with other open systems and at Exigo, you have 150+ best in class 3rd party solutions to choose from on day 1 at no cost.

In the long run with an open platform you get more functionality, more stability, more choices.

But most importantly, a truly open system allows you to be dependent on “YOU” to write, control and connect to the platform. The platform doesn’t have to be adjusted to connect to other systems and you are not beholden to the platform provider to institute those integrations and decisions.

…at Exigo you not only have controlled access to your database, your content, e-commerce and your commission engine, you control the API’s that connect to the providers of your choosing…more often than not without Exigo even knowing!

This open platform philosophy and access does not come at the expense of security and data protection either.

Overcoming this juxtaposition and confliction of concepts is what makes Exigo such a role model for technology partnerships! Data protection is a cornerstone of Exigo’s platform and proven by historical performance. Open does not mean open to core vulnerabilities. It means an open and intelligent design for access to critical and needed information and processes.

While an open platform means an open door to the latest technologies, it is also a door that swings both ways. Here at Exigo we like the challenge of being the “best in class” at what we do… so that you are empowered to be the best at what you do.

That is about as honest and open…as we can be!

Why Caching Matters.

Caching is a great way to reduce the time it takes to fetch commonly used data in web applications and vastly improves the following:

  • Improves database performance by reducing the number of queries hitting the of database
  • Improves operational efficiency as caching allows scaling of more data and users on smaller and fewer SQL Servers machines
  • Improves the user’s experience by decreased application response time

If you are interested in setting this up or exploring how caching might benefit your web applications, please contact Greg Jackson at GregJ@exigo.com.

Why BA's Matter

Conclusion - Measure Twice, Cut Once

Sometimes I hear concerns that a BA slows things down, they ask too many questions, when all we want to do is get started. This is understandable, businesses rarely have the luxury of time on their side, and you need to be able to pivot quickly when market conditions change. But the old tailor’s advice to measure twice so you only have to cut once applies here too. If you can stomach a little bit of delay at the beginning of the project, you’ll find that the end of the project goes a lot smoother than if you had simply rushed in head first.

“If you don’t have the time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?” – John Wooden

Cool New Web Tools – Visualization Dashboards

Empowering your distributors with actionable data may be the most important step a company can take to creating their next generation of leaders.

Your company has the data, but if your field can’t visualize it, chances are they aren’t using it to run their business!

Exigo’s new Visualization Dashboards for Distributor are the solution to turning valuable, yet complex data into simple, yet powerful key performance calls to action (aka KPI’s).

Data that is meaningful, motivating AND mobile can empower everyone to make well informed and productive decisions on how to focus the who, what, when and where of their time.

If you would like to explore the possibilities available to you through Exigo’s new Visualization Dashboards for Distributors , please contact Greg Jackson our Web & Mobile Development Manager at GregJ@exigo.com.

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