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The Exigo platform delivers everything you need to build a robust, end-to-end direct selling ecosystem.

The Exigo platform delivers everything you need to build a robust, end-to-end direct selling ecosystem.

We provide the building blocks that support order fulfillment, payments, commissions, reporting, CRM, distributor tools, and more. The Exigo platform is constantly evolving with new modules and features ready to deploy, scale and customize via the fully-documented Exigo APIs.

It's Your Data, Make It Work For You

Most MLM software providers limit access of your data. The Exigo Enterprise platform gives its clients up-to-the-minute, direct access to their operational and reporting data, from executive reports to SQL queries.

Our highly adaptive data model allows you to tailor your schema to meet the requirements of your organization. Whether you’re adding custom columns or developing flexible entity models, the Exigo platform gives you full control over your data and the tools to make it work the way you do.


Create, update and manage every customer detail, from account and billing information, to social networks.


Control all ordering and payment functions, including order calculation, creation, status, transaction processing and more.

Product Items

Add, remove and categorize products items and edit product descriptions with ease.

Tree Movements

Manage your downline: enroll new members and facilitate movement of members within your tree.


Manage recurring order templates for existing clients or new clients within their initial transaction.


View and manage payout plans and structures.


Generate standard downline, upline, commissions and qualifications reports, or build your own custom reporting engine.


Calendar functions allow you to create, update or delete calendar items.


Create and manage customer subscription accounts and point balances.


Monitor and report on user and system activity, such as enrollment, rankings, commissions and achievements.

Speed and reliability

Real-time, all the time

Exigo’s network infrastructure delivers lightning-fast data processing.

With a privately operated dark fiber network, we offer superior bandwidth for real-time data throughput to give you the information you need, the moment you need it. We’ve spent the last decade honing our data replication architecture to ensure that your data is secure, isolated, and never lost.

Our on-site data center and off-site colocation are equipped with the highest level of protection to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and access to your data. With redundant power supplies, fire suppression systems, multiple OC fiber connections, and OSPF routing, your critical business data is always safe.


Create and manage customer subscription accounts and point balances.

Manage your data, right out of the box.

The Exigo Office tool keeps you in control.

The Exigo Office tool is our unified interface for managing the full suite of Exigo components. From total customer relationship management and marketing communications, to distributor back office functions and commission engines, the Exigo Office online interface brings total control of your most important business operations right to your fingertips.

Bring your vision to life. A wealth of resources.

Our network of technology partners is waiting to help make your vision a reality. Where your in-house development team leaves off, our trusted partners can help bring a project to the finish line.

Looking to take things mobile? Want to develop a custom storefront? Our top tier partners are focused exclusively in developing bespoke solutions expressly for the Exigo platform, backed by first-class support from our technical staff.

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